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About Me

Eric Barnes, owner and operator of Eric Barnes Mobile Music Entertainment Services, has a solid reputation for ensuring that the customer gets what they want and then some. Based on their personal music and venue customization, "No two events should ever be the same!" Each and every venue is unique unto both customer and itself. He takes pride in his musical knowledge, which spans over four decades! He has lived the music of the 60's, 70's, Disco, 80's, 90's and beyond.

As a military brat, he was able to absorb all genres of music, which allowed for him to have an open mind towards all cultures due to traveling extensively. He began making mixed tapes while in high school back in Maryland, which impressed his peers. While serving in the U.S. Navy around 1989, he acquired his first set of turntables and mixer and began to hone his craft in mixing and turntablism. It wasn't long before he started showcasing house parties and clubs.

His diverse collection of music spans all continents and can be considered eclectic. He will ensure to either bring back memories for some or smiles for others, but definitely enlightenment to all. His current style is both retro and progressive, from disco to dance at the drop of a tone-arm!

His current slogan is "Music from the past must not be stored and archived, it needs to be played!" He will take risks and play songs that have not been played in years just to satisfy the status quo. After all, there were some massive hits back in the day, or for what some would call "Old School."

From the initial meeting through the entire planning process to your actual event, Eric will be with you every step of the way. Eric takes great pride in his ability to turn your song list into a unique, personal soundtrack, one that expresses your individual personalities. He still spins his music in real-time; he will not offend you by sitting down and allowing for an automated DJ software program to run your event. That's what separates a DJ from a robot; there needs to be a form of personalism and enjoyment throughout the event! After all, it's your event and you should be having fun!